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Creative Ashtray Household Stainless Steel Funnel Fly Ash With Lid Windproof Ashtray

Creative Ashtray Household Stainless Steel Funnel Fly Ash With Lid Windproof Ashtray

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  • Feng Shui Meaning: In Feng Shui, the deer symbolizes growth, wealth, and prosperity. Giving this ashtray to your father is not only practical but also brings a deep significance of luck and development.

    Daily Use: If your father is a regular smoker, this ashtray will prove to be a useful everyday item.

    Personal Touch: This gift reflects your attention to your father’s personal preferences and needs, showing careful consideration in choosing a gift that matches his personality and lifestyle.

    Father's Day Celebration: Presenting this gift on Father's Day is a way to express your respect and love for your father. It could become part of an annual tradition where you and your father share special moments and memories.

  • Featuring a golden deer on the lid, this ashtray isn't just functional but also serves as an elegant decorative item. It can enhance the living or working space of your father.

Frequency Asked Question

What is the inspiration behind the Deer Head Ashtray?

The Deer Head Ashtray draws inspiration from the deer's symbolism in various cultures, representing good luck, wealth, and prosperity. It’s designed to bring these positive energies into your home or office.

Can you tell us about the materials used in this ashtray?

This ashtray is crafted from high-quality glass with a gold-plated deer head lid, combining durability with a touch of luxury.

What are the dimensions of this ashtray?

  • The ashtray stands 10.5 cm tall with a diameter of 8 cm, making it compact yet spacious enough for practical use.

How many color options are available?

It is available in three elegant colors: white, colorful, and amber, allowing you to choose the best match for your decor.

Who would appreciate this ashtray as a gift?

This ashtray is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a blend of functionality and artful design, especially on occasions like Father's Day or as a sophisticated home decor gift.

What makes the Deer Head Ashtray a special Father's Day gift?

Its blend of aesthetic appeal and deep cultural symbolism makes it a thoughtful and unique gift that expresses love and appreciation on Father's Day.

How does the deer symbol contribute to the ashtray's design?

The deer head is not only a striking decorative element but also imbues the ashtray with meanings of intuition, independence, and protection, resonating with the qualities admired in a father.

Is the ashtray easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, its smooth glass surface and detachable lid make it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

Where can this ashtray be placed within a home or office?

Its elegant design is ideal for placement on a desk, coffee table, or any visible spot where it can serve both decorative and practical purposes.

How is the ashtray packaged for gifting?

The ashtray comes in a stylish box, ready to be gifted, making it convenient and delightful to present to someone special.

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